• Beard kit (MAX)

    The beard kit max is specially packed for men who wants to take care of their total  head area; that is why we added the moisturiser for the face after taking care of your beards, and the hair balm, to take care of your hair/scalp.

    It contains beard growth oil for all the fine men looking to grow out their beards.


    It has beard balm to keep your beard area, nourished, shiny and moisturised.


    The moisturiser- use this after toner to keep your skin hydrated, glowing and young as it contains vitamin E, collagen and retinol


    Hair balm- use daily for moisturizing  your scalp and hair keeping it from thinning out your hair or helps relive dry scalp. What you get is a healthy care and shine. Suitable for both men with hair and balding men

    It comes with a scissors to trim

    It has a mini comb to brush out your beards at will

    Beard kit (MAX)


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