• The chairman package

    Enjoy the exceptional Chairman package, it  contains daily use of best quality skincare products


    The cleanser- use this daily to cleanse your face,helps control facial dirt, oil and unclog pores.


    The toner- After cleansing with the cleanser, use the toner by applying some amount yo a cotton wool and use to wipe your face,this helps tighten your pores,fights Whiteheads and black heads and gives your skin a baby boy glow


    The moisturiser- use this after toner to keep your skin hydrated, glowing and young as it contains vitamin E, collagen and retinol


    Men’s natural soap- contains pine and charcoal for the ultimate body cleanse ,removing free radicals from your body .Feeling fresh and clean .


    Body butter- keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated, but it also helps to protect against environmental pollution and harsh weather. If you have a dry skin, this is your best friend !

    The chairman package


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